Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections   (TPI) for myofascial pain

Myofascial pain is ususally caused by a "knot" in your muscle (trigger point).  TPIs are common and generally safe.  A trigger point injection can help soothe myofascial pain, especially in your neck, shoulder, arms, legs and lower back.

Trigger Points

Trigger points are painful "knots" in your muscles that can be very senstive to touch/pressure.  They may form after acute trauma or by repetitive micro-trauma, leading to stress on muscle fibers.  It causes the muscle fibers to be stuck in a contracted state.  Sometimes you can feel these knots when you palpate your muscle.

Trigger point injections commonly involve injections of local anesthetic with or without steroid, botulinum toxin, or without any injection substance (dry needling).