Intramuscular Injections

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Intramuscular injection , often abbreviated IM, is an injection of substance into a muscle.  It is one of several methods of administration of medicine.  Intramuscular injections may be preferred because muscles have large and more numerous blood vessels than subcutaneous or intradermal.

Medication administered via intramuscular injection is not subject to the first-pass metabolism effect which affects oral medications.  Injections offered by Vital injections include Migraine, Toradol, Decadron, Benadryl, Vitamin B12, Zofran, MICC, and Lipo-mino.  Common sites for intramuscular injection include the deltoid muscle of the upper arm and the gluteal muscle of the buttocks.  The volume of substance injected is usually between 2-5 cc depending on the site and medicine.  Any site with signs of atrophy or infection should not be chosen.  Here at Vital injections a prenumbing spray will be used to make the patient as comfortable as possible.